Thats Not Logical!

I hear the term not logical a lot these days, almost as often as I hear good morning from my fellow peers and friends, Like Joharry who has a Limo Company in Nassau County. Just like those empty good mornings you sometimes receive from people at work the term “not logical” can sometimes be equally as empty.

Now trust me there is a point to this miniature Smurf size rant. People usually refer to ideas or inventions as not logical; and while they may be correct to assume that something isn’t logical based on their understanding that doesn’t mean it’s an actual fact. To find examples you need to look no further than some great innovators in history.

The Wright brothers felt they could build a contraption that would give them the ability to fly through the sky. They began with Gliders, they later began piloting those Gliders and finally the first powered flight took place in 1903.

Three years after they started building Gliders, now to many people I’m sure the idea of flying through the sky was once “not Logical” but here we are a years later and lets just say there aren’t many places you can’t fly to these days.

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4 Places That Defy Logic

Sometimes, we see things and think…”hmm that doesn’t quite make sense. I wonder how they did that.” Or I wonder how that happened. Well I am about to show you 5 of this head scratching and some amazingly beautiful places that absolutely defy logic. Ready? Okay check them out below

1. Cameron Falls – Alberta, Canada

This might look like a sea of blood and gore, something you may witness in a cheesy 80’s horror flick, but nope its a natural occurrence out in the land of Canadian bacon. Sediment called argolite are washed down the waterfall, you know due to heavy rains and stuff. I’m not too familiar with the subject in any way, I’m just letting you know what I read.

cameron falls


2. Tunnel of Love – Klevan, Ukraine

Now, I don’t know if people actually make love here, fall in love as they walk through, or it was just given that name by some sappy folk, but it’s still a very cool sight nonetheless. This is actually a private railroad for a company out there in Ukraine.


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We Are Unique!

I will continue to say it, we have unique qualities. Our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and opinions are SINGULAR!

Too many conform to ideals of others. Many believe that logic defines the world and everyone in it.

To that we here at Unique Logics say – NO!

We defy logic. We make it unique, we bring it back to being singular. The premise of this website will be on exploring conventional logic, and attacking it full on!

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